It is known that hungry series are famous from same shark as a character and it is now replaced as hungry dragon with same mechanics. Developer should release the update for all low end mobile devices because the configuration is different from one another. If you find any lag while playing the game, you have to switch to new one with high ram and more space. The main reason is that high graphics will always requires more configuration. You can download the game from both google play and app store.

New Feature Of Hungry Dragon
You can change fancy dragon from old with upgraded costumes. It will definitely boost your confidence across different categories. You should carefully take your turn, otherwise wrong one will create a chance to attack you in sideways. Sometimes goblins are there to chase and destroy your process of collecting letters. Eagle attack make so many damages and escape from them is necessary to get rid losing the life.

Different Category Of Dragons
Normally, we do know that each animal and birds have different kinds of abilities. Similarly, these dragons are of many types. Each one of them do have structure from small to medium size in nature and we have an option to select them according to our wish. Every player like to have bigger one and it is almost easy to complete the mission with lot of energy. Most of the times, you cannot fly over to maximum distance above the ground level and it will be resolved once you have giant dragons. Eating preys refills draining health meter and avoid starvation to extend your flying.

Characteristic Of Dragons
There are variety of methods are involved while killing the small beings. Their movement of catching the food is different from one another.

 Small and mischievous movement by having nasty bite.
 Aggressive reptile like attack to satisfy the bodily need.
 Speedy serpent like structure to get the necessary prey.
 Twin headed to avoid many obstacles.

Common qualities of pets is like attacking small birds and grab them to add power to you. In most of the cases, you can use hungry dragon hack for gems. Apart from using the cheats, you have to proceed the level for completing each mission.